Why not?

Here is my little place to share my heart with my sweet daughter, Crystal. How many long years have I failed to share with her things that show how wonderful she is to her and the world, and to encourage her in the walk of life that is hers?

The idea, and inspiration for this little tribute to you, Crystal, was gifted to me after I determined to find some way to send good building thoughts your way, but our broken relationship is too far apart to get across.

It would be awesome to do more for you, and I pray Master Y’suah soon makes that possible. But, even so, I believe this little place will collect lots of good things you can apply to make your living better.

Is this how a loving father should nurture his child?

Master Y’suah wrote a great book for His children. This one is no match, but it is my desire for it to bless you with Y’suah’s “baruch,” the beautiful address He gave to His family which Moshe’ records in Numbers 6, verses 22 to 27.

I will share this awesome pronouncement in it own spot, dedicated to you, my precious daughter.